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Favourite Models I. - ALEXA CHUNG

Hello All!

Using Polyvore, reading magazines or being interested in fashion comes with the fact that you see and get to know more and more models. Even if you do not know their names, you already recognize some of them. For a long time I just knew the well-know models like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, but there is a new generation coming in with new faces and new celebrities actually. Even if we do not know their names, we know their faces from the advertisements, the internet, the magazines and to tell the truth we get to the point that we like them, have our favourites even if we have not heard a word coming out from their mouth.

This is why I started to look up my favourite models on the internet and collect some info about not only their style, but life as well.


Was born in 1983, so she is not a typical example for the newest generation but is still one of my favourites. She is very natural, always smiling, very charming I'd say. I never knew about her that besides her English origins, she has Chinese descents too, even if her name expresses some foreign influence.


She worked as a TV presenter after modeling and she also lead a TV programme where she interviewed popular and famous designers. She also published articles for magazines and newspapers. These data show very well that she is a very intelligent and talented woman, who does not only smiles and poses for the camera. Personally I think it's good to see such a personality as a style icon.


She is never provocative, is a real woman even if wearing a simple T-shirt, knows how to be classy and sometimes a bit retro. Great style;)


2013. május 19., vasárnap

Hungarian Design- Zoe Phobic

I was always impressed by the work of some Hungarian designers. In fashion and design it is hard to create something new, different and unique but they managed to do that. And most of all, they stayed here and started their own project and created their label in Hungary.

 Here is one of my favourites: ZOE PHOBIC.

You can get her items in the Zoe Phobic Showroom in Budapest or you can simply visit the webshop here:

Minty Green Tunic  Yellow high-low dress  Cotton Dress

I still find their items a bit expensive, but they always have items we may afford ourselves:) Last time they cooperated with another label Ringu. I immediately fell in love with their colourful leather accessories:

Ringu SG C13Ringu SG C17
Ringu SG C25 Ringu SG C27

And here is what I have:

2013. május 8., szerda

Oh, my lovely flat shoes

I have collected my favourite flat shoes/loafers/moccasins of this spring.
I love them so much. They are comfortable and pretty at the same time. Being on high heels all day is not only uncomfortable but unhealthy as well. We can stay women in these too:)
Aren't they cute?

Image 2 of ETHNIC SLIPPER from Zara  
Image 1 of TIGER SLIPPERS from Zara  
Giuseppe Zanotti Suede and crystal cocktail loafer
Giuseppe Zanotti Tasseled Suede Smoking Loafer, Pink

2013. május 7., kedd

Summer Festival Essentials

Neon triangle necklace

What to wear on a festival? Are shorts enough at night?  What colours should I wear?

Here are some tips and useful items if you decided to visit a summer festival this year.
  • bring some pair of sandals as it's summertime but don't forget about the waterproof shoes, summer boots
  • bring some pretty small bags you can simply throw on your shoulder. You will need to put your money, sunglasses in that. If you are practical enough, you take a bag that has enough space for a light cardigan as well.
  • Shorts and summer dresses might be enough during the day but at night you might be freezing in them. Take on a pair of colourful trousers or leggings when it is getting darker. They can be sooo pretty as well.
  • If you feel yourself a fan of simple and modest clothes, you can give them some extra if you add some colourful accessories: a fashionable bag, some nice sunglasses, a simple bracelet and some nail polish will do the trick and your top won't be a simple black top anymore.
  • If you find clothing boring, then it is time to wear some black and white clothes, then next time to try  and combine some colourful ones, then switch to plain colours.  Try to enjoy using what you have and also to enjoy yourself:)
  • Be aware of provocative clothes and labels! It is summer and there is heat, but don't let anyone see everything. Stay fab and pretty:) It is also not so charming if you have rude words on your top.


Dress with zip detail

Raffia college bag

Stonework embellished clutch

Multi-coloured chain necklace with fringing

Pochette en simili cuir grainé gris et orange

2013. május 5., vasárnap


I have not yet mentioned here one of my favourite hobbies: designing tshirts!

I just browse the internet, different blogs, portals with pictures a lot, I collect ideas, search for motivation and if I have some time I start drawing a Tshirt. Sometimes a colour, a smell or even a face or pattern on the wall can motivate me and starts drawing something in my mind.
I only have some examples so far, but really would like to deal with it later as well, I really enjoy doing this. Sometimes I can't forget a sentence or expression I saw somewhere and I just realize that it is very easy to create it myself. It will never be exactly the same, I know, but it will be mine and will be created by me. These are mainly words, or ironic expression, I really love them. Sometimes I have own ideas,  figures which are already in my head and I just don't know how to create it in reality. I've never learnt drawing (of course I would gladly learn it and would learn about design as well), so far I just try to use what I naturally have.

Catty Hepburn

Sunshine, summer feeling, bright colours. Even if it's just May. Here come my new shoes and bag:)

2013. május 3., péntek

Polyvore Creation- May


As spring and almost summer is here, I started to realize that I have more and more ideas on Polyvore. This is my first set in May and it is mainly about the gentle, smart and pretty working woman's style. I love these modest colours, the dominance of the stripes and that a women can be sexy not only on high heels but also in flat shoes. This envelope bag is still very fashionable and as we do not need an umbrella or big sweater anymore, we can easily go out in the evening with this small accessory in our hand.

2013. május 1., szerda