2013. május 19., vasárnap

Hungarian Design- Zoe Phobic

I was always impressed by the work of some Hungarian designers. In fashion and design it is hard to create something new, different and unique but they managed to do that. And most of all, they stayed here and started their own project and created their label in Hungary.

 Here is one of my favourites: ZOE PHOBIC.

You can get her items in the Zoe Phobic Showroom in Budapest or you can simply visit the webshop here:

Minty Green Tunic  Yellow high-low dress  Cotton Dress

I still find their items a bit expensive, but they always have items we may afford ourselves:) Last time they cooperated with another label Ringu. I immediately fell in love with their colourful leather accessories:

Ringu SG C13Ringu SG C17
Ringu SG C25 Ringu SG C27

And here is what I have:

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