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Favourite Models I. - ALEXA CHUNG

Hello All!

Using Polyvore, reading magazines or being interested in fashion comes with the fact that you see and get to know more and more models. Even if you do not know their names, you already recognize some of them. For a long time I just knew the well-know models like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, but there is a new generation coming in with new faces and new celebrities actually. Even if we do not know their names, we know their faces from the advertisements, the internet, the magazines and to tell the truth we get to the point that we like them, have our favourites even if we have not heard a word coming out from their mouth.

This is why I started to look up my favourite models on the internet and collect some info about not only their style, but life as well.


Was born in 1983, so she is not a typical example for the newest generation but is still one of my favourites. She is very natural, always smiling, very charming I'd say. I never knew about her that besides her English origins, she has Chinese descents too, even if her name expresses some foreign influence.


She worked as a TV presenter after modeling and she also lead a TV programme where she interviewed popular and famous designers. She also published articles for magazines and newspapers. These data show very well that she is a very intelligent and talented woman, who does not only smiles and poses for the camera. Personally I think it's good to see such a personality as a style icon.


She is never provocative, is a real woman even if wearing a simple T-shirt, knows how to be classy and sometimes a bit retro. Great style;)


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