2013. május 5., vasárnap


I have not yet mentioned here one of my favourite hobbies: designing tshirts!

I just browse the internet, different blogs, portals with pictures a lot, I collect ideas, search for motivation and if I have some time I start drawing a Tshirt. Sometimes a colour, a smell or even a face or pattern on the wall can motivate me and starts drawing something in my mind.
I only have some examples so far, but really would like to deal with it later as well, I really enjoy doing this. Sometimes I can't forget a sentence or expression I saw somewhere and I just realize that it is very easy to create it myself. It will never be exactly the same, I know, but it will be mine and will be created by me. These are mainly words, or ironic expression, I really love them. Sometimes I have own ideas,  figures which are already in my head and I just don't know how to create it in reality. I've never learnt drawing (of course I would gladly learn it and would learn about design as well), so far I just try to use what I naturally have.

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