2014. május 8., csütörtök

Inspirational pics for home interior

I have decided to collect some inspiring pics about homes. In this collection I have chosen mainly photos about living rooms and bedrooms, the rest of this series are coming later.

I love how simple but friendly these rooms are, I love the way the colours are combined and I like the atmosphere they create. They are so simple but so lovely. In the Scandinavian countries it is a great fashion to use black and white and shades of grey with minimal colours, but the result is absolutely not depressive! With the usage of wood, funny pictures and cute accessories in the room, these rooms become a lovely place where people like living and spending time.

My favourite trick is that the couch is grey  or black and has a lot of colourful, striped or patterned pillows on it. What is important is that the pillows are different in colour from the couch, otherwise it would be too dull.

It is not a shame anymore if your guests see your clothes. We cannot really see any wardrobes, clothes are mostly hung on a stand in the bedroom or in the living room. Of course it is not natural that on some pics the colour of these clothes are perfectly in harmony, that is quite unnatural, but it can be decorative if you organize them carefully.

I also mentioned above the role of pictures on the wall.It does not matter if they are about animals, if there is a family photo or if the pic shows only a word or a whole quote. It you like the order, you can use frames from the same size and type with less colours, but it also looks fabulous having different types of pics together with different frames.

Now let's see what I'm talking about:)

 Living room  attic bedroom  so lovely dressing roomLiving room Pretty pops of color with bold patterned rug and simple wall art? Yes, please!  Well Planned Small Apartment with an Inviting Interior Design  behind the couch.

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