2014. április 8., kedd

Let's meet Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll 

If you haven't heard about her name so far, it's time to read this short article . She is a British illustrator, cartoonist, blogger, pudge and cat lover.

When I found one of her drawings on the internet, I did not even know her name. I just liked the pic cause it was funny and I like cats, French style and French language. I immediately understood the humour in the drawing. Then one day, when I got home, there was something on my desk. A surprise from my mum. It was a calendar  with a drawing on its cover about cats. I started laughing when I realized it is the same type of drawing I have on my Facebook. The drawings were made by Gemma. This is how I found her and her work.

I'm really impressed by the simplicity of these drawings and how well they can express how cats or people behave. It is really funny. Of course she has other themes other than cats, but that is my favourite. If someone has a cat, then probably almost all of the illustrated situations are familiar to them.

In case you would like to buy products from her with these superb drawings, you can check out her official website:


These would be some of my favourite cat pictures from her:



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