2013. április 23., kedd

Polyvore (L)

I've reached 1000 followers on Polyvore! WOW!

When I found this site years ago I knew it is for me. I always loved creating and drawing but did not find myself creative and good enough to design totally new clothes, so I just started to look around on the site. I wanted to collect ideas as I decided to try this out.  I wanted to design something. In the meantime I also tried to get motivation from my life, my feelings, the atmosphere around me and then suddenly I found myself creating sets and putting things together. I realized that Polyvore is not only about fashion, but also about creativity, about creatig something new. Just like a stylist. Nowadays I collect fashion ideas from here, I often check the products here and I can always be informed about the latest fashion trends. I'm over 97 sets now and I still enjoy it very much. As my life changes all the time and so do my thoughts there is always a new source of motivation for my sets. If you are interested, please find the link to my site below.

Come and visit me here:

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